How to make five-ren mooncake?

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Mid-Autumn Festival will eat moon cakes, this is a recipe for make mooncakes. Five-ren mooncake is one of the most famous flavors in mooncakes.

How to make mooncake

There are more than 10 days to go to the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival in China. On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese families almost always eat moon cakes. Now share with friends how to make five-ren mooncakes (五仁月饼, 五仁月餅, wǔ rén yuè bǐng) . The raw materials for making moon cakes are all can buy on Amazon. of course, you don’t want to do it yourself or you can buy mooncakes directly from Amazon.

Five-ren mooncake (五仁月饼, 五仁月餅, wǔ rén yuè bǐng) is one of the most famous flavors in mooncakes. Because of the almonds, walnuts, peanuts, sesame seeds and melon seeds, it is named “Five-ren mooncake” and has a family harmony (圆满和谐, 圓滿和諧, yuán mǎn hé xié) meaning.

 five-ren mooncake
five-ren mooncake

Five-ren mooncake can be said to be the most traditional mooncake bar, so some netizens say: five-ren mooncake slot is so difficult to eat, why has not disappeared from the world? In fact, do yourself, and then a little bit like the filling, or very delicious ah.

Kitchenware or Equipment

  • Swiss Diamond Nonstick Fry Pan
  • Toaster Oven
  • Kitchen Scale
  • Moon Cake Mould

Materials Used

Moon Cake Skin

Moon Cake Skin

Egg Yolk and Milk

Egg yolk and milk
Egg yolk ( 1 )Egg white ( 4 ) Organic Milk (15g)

Moon Cake Filling Materials

Moon Cake Filling Materials

Make Mooncake Five-ren Steps

Make Mooncake

How to make five-ren mooncake, What materials are needed to make mooncakes, What equipment is needed to make mooncakes.
Prep Time1 hour
Active Time4 hours
Total Time5 hours
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Chinese
Keyword: how to make mooncake, make mooncake, moon cake, mooncake
Yield: 6


  • Swiss Diamond Nonstick Fry Pan
  • Toaster Oven
  • Moon Cake Mould


Moon Cake Skin

Egg Yolk and Milk


  • Prepare the Moon Cake Filling Materials.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-1
  • Prepare mooncake skin ingredients.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-2
  • Prepare Egg Yolk and Milk ingredients.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-3
  • Fry the peanut rice on a small fire in a Swiss Diamond Nonstick Fry Pan.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-4
  • The peanut's skin is then peeled off.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-5
  • Organic Sunflower Seeds are also fried with a small fire.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-6
  • White Sesame Seeds and Black Sesame Seeds are also fried with a small fire.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-7
  • Peanuts and Flat Peach Kernel are packed in fresh bags and crushed with a rolling pin.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-8
  • Cut the dried cranberries with a knife.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-9
  • Cut the Green Raisins with a knife.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-10
  • Peanuts, Flat Peach Kernel, sunflower seeds, black and white sesame seeds, Flat Peach Kernel, cranberries, raisins, mix evenly.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-11
  • Glutinous Rice Flour into the Swiss Diamond Nonstick Fry Pan, small fire to slightly yellow, no taste of the raw powder.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-12
  • Mix the crushed kernel powder in step 8 with glutinous rice flour, maltose, peanut oil, white wine, and warm water.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-13
  • Press firmly and seal for 2 hours.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-14
  • Make egg yolks: Mix the yolks, egg whites, milk and mix well.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-15
  • Make mooncake skin: medium-string flour, conversion syrup, water, corn oil mix, stir.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-16
  • Mix and rub into a clump and seal for 3 hours.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-17
  • Divide the mooncake filling into 30g each.
    How to make five-ren mooncake? 2
  • Divide the mooncake skin into 20 g each.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-19
  • Take a slice of the pie and flatten it.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-20
  • Put a filling, with the tiger mouth slowly pushed up, wrapped, kneading round.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-21
  • Sprinkle a thin layer of flour into a 50g mold, press gently, gently lift, and mold one by one.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-22
  • Place in a preheated oven and bake over a medium 195 degrees for 8 minutes.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-23
  • refresh a thin layer of yolk liquid and continue to bake for 15 minutes then take it out.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-24
  • Freshly baked mooncakes are soft, cool and hardened, sealed for three days.
    Making Five-ren Mooncake Steps-25

Mooncake Purchase Tips

When choosing Mid-Autumn moon cakes, you need to pay attention to the fact that the moon cake of good quality should be slightly convex on the surface and side round sides, with clear prints and no leakage. From the color point of view, the surface of the good moon cake is shiny golden yellow, the side part of the cake is milky yellow, there is no air bubble on the surface of the cake, and there is no focal circle around the bottom.


On the handle feel, a good moon cake should be soft and moderate. Some moon cakes on the market are as hard as biscuits, some have a dull color, and there is no flavor that is unique to the variety. What is the reason? In fact, this is due to various factors such as process formulation and raw material synthesis.

Chinese Mooncake

There are many ways to make Chinese mooncake. The five-ren moon cakes introduced in this article are just one of them. In fact, when making Wuren moon cakes, you can also use standard flour, fine white sugar, cooked vegetable oil, lard, and eggs. , rose sugar, syrup, cooked standard powder, walnut kernel, peanut, pine nuts, hemp kernel, washed sesame, melon candied fruit, white wine, large alkali, orange sugar. Removed the South almond, melon seed, olive kernel, sugar orange cake, cooked glutinous rice flour (replaced with cooked flour) in the traditional formula, and increased the amount of melon candied fruit. The production process is to prepare the syrup, skin dough, stuffing, stuffing, swinging, and cooling, which is the finished product.

Perhaps you are interested in cranberries and coconut mooncake, you can read this article, this is how to make cranberries and coconut moon cake, , is another way to make mooncake.

Chinese Mooncake of Five-ren Nutritional value

If you care about the habit of healthy eating, you may be concerned about the nutritional value of mooncakes. The Five-ren Chinese Mooncake stuffing mostly uses plant-based raw materials, such as walnut kernels, almonds, sesame seeds, melon seeds, hawthorn, lotus seeds, red beans, jujube mud, etc., which have certain health effects on the human body. Plant seeds contain high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, mostly oleic acid, and linoleic acid, which are beneficial for softening blood vessels to prevent arteriosclerosis. Minerals are beneficial to improve immunity and prevent zinc deficiency and iron-deficiency anemia in children.

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  1. Yes indeed!  This is a great post.  I love me some five-ren mooncake.  Very cool that you shared a link of where I can buy them on amazon instead of baking them.  I am not much of a baker, but will see if my friend will bake me up some of these with your recipe.  It seems easy enough to make so if I get adventurous I may try it myself.  Thanks again.  Cheers 

  2. Amazing. This is really a yummy moon cake been displayed here and I feel like swallowing my phone right now…l always like to try new dishes always no matter where it’s from and what its made up for….I am always after that yummy taste after the preparation and this is why I can fully appreciate this great review. Thanks for putting thus great room…I can’t wait to tomorrow to try this great tasty moon cakes.

  3. Hi Jess,

    It’s great to see five-ren moon-cakes that you made in this article, and they all look delicious to me. You provide a very detailed step-by-step guide for me to learn how to make it from the beginning, even where to buy all the ingredients which I think is super convenient!

    For the milk preference, you use organic milk instead of normal milk. Is there any concern here or organic milk is the best for this five-ren mooncake? Another thought is can we use soymilk for this reicpe too? 


    • Hi, Matt

      You read very carefully, and I actually use organic milk in my recipe.

      Whether you use organic milk or normal milk can be decided according to your own preferences, but the real organic milk made moon cake tastes more delicious.

      It is not recommended to use soymilk instead of milk, otherwise, the mooncake flavor will not be good, but in order to make mooncakes that suit your taste, you can try changing the ingredients.

  4. I love to learn new recipes and  this is surely a good one.  I love to cook at home and I also teach cooking to people with disabilities.  They enjoy learning exotic dishes.

    You certainly did a good detailed job in explaining the recipe and the photos are very helpful as well.  

    These mooncakes are something to have throughout the year and not only on Mid Autumn Festival. It’s good to know you can get some of the ingredients on  Amazon.

    Thanks for the information.  It is much appreciated.

  5. Wow! This is incredible. I have never eaten out of this five ten mooncake and I must say, going by the image illustrations, it surely looks tasty and yummy. Thanks for sharing the ingredients and the procedures to baking it. Cooking is my hobby and I like trying new recipes out but then, this cake seems very interesting to try out. Maybe that would be the peak of our night here. Most of the ingredients are at home already, I would just need to get a couple more. Thanks

    • Yeah, mooncakes are a kind of pastry that people eat every year on Mid-Autumn Festival in many Asian countries.  Although making your own mooncakes is cumbersome, the making process is very interesting.

      You can use the materials in your home, and if you don’t have anything, you can buy them on Amazon.


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