Best Guide for Make Chinese Hot Pot at Home

How To Make Chinese Hot Pot at Home
how to make Chinese hot pot at home

How To Make Chinese Hot Pot at Home

If you are not Chinese or have no Chinese friends, then you may not know How To Make a Chinese Hot Pot at Home. Hot pot is actually a kind of food in many countries in Asia. In Chengdu, Sichuan, China, hot pot is more popular if you have the opportunity to travel to Chengdu, of course, if you want to know how to make Sichuan hot pot at home, or you can not eat spicy food, how to make a hot pot at home also provide you with the best guide for make hot pot.

The happiest thing in Chengdu, Sichuan, China is that everyone gathers to eat hot pot. We invite friends and family to make a hot pot at home every winter. If you don’t know how to make a Chinese hot pot at home, then this best guide to making a Chinese hot pot at home will help you.

Eat hot pot will prepare meat and vegetables, dips, the versatile supermarket can also buy all kinds of raw materials needed for hot pot, such as small fat sheep pot bottom material, all kinds of lamb, beef rolls and various meatballs. This is my reference guide for friends who want to try the family hot pot at home. I hope you have a very happy hot pot time.

best guide for make hot pot
the best guide for make hot pot

If you are planning to invite friends and family to make a hot pot at home, you must plan ahead and buy the appropriate equipment for the hot pot feast. Some equipment will give you a link to buy on Amazon; then go to the supermarket to buy fresh ingredients (meat, seafood, vegetables, et cetera).

Seafood and meat are the protagonists of hot pot, but hot pot without vegetables is incomplete. Vegetables can not only lift greasy but also enrich the taste of the soup. You can add any vegetables to the hot pot. I prefer those ingredients that are cooked for a long time and can keep the taste’s vegetable ingredients. Finally, I will introduce you to some Sichuan hot pot bottoms and how to prepare the hot pot dipping sauce. At the same time, I will also introduce my friends to the basics of table setting and hot pot etiquette.

Hot Pot At Home Essential Equipment

Before you invite friends and family to eat hot pot at home, you have to plan the equipment needed for the family hot pot in advance. The most basic two are the pot and the burner. If you have the opportunity to go to Chengdu, Sichuan to eat hot pot, you will see It is a professional hot pot table, generally can sit about 8 to 12 people, in the middle of the hot pot table, the top is the pot, the bottom is the burner, like this.

How To Make Chinese Hot Pot At Home

Hot Pot Table
how to make Chinese hot pot at home Hot Pot Table

Of course, if we make a hot pot in our home, we don’t need this personal equipment. We can use simple pots and burners or portable burners. If you don’t want to smell the smoke from the burner or smell the gas, you can use an induction cooker instead.

General Burner

Fashion Stove Burner
how to make Chinese hot pot at home Fashion Stove Burner

Portable Burner

portable burner
how to make Chinese hot pot at home portable burner

Stainless Steel Hot Pot

Stainless Steel Hot Pot
how to make Chinese hot pot at home Stainless Steel Hot Pot

A single stainless steel hot pot that’s about 12 inches in diameter can serve anywhere from 4 to 8 people; feeding a larger crowd will require a second pot and burner.

 Stainless Steel Hot Pot
how to make Chinese hot pot at home Stainless Steel Hot Pot

Basic Accessories

Other than that, you need to prepare some basic accessories:

hot pot accessories
how to make Chinese hot pot at home hot pot accessories

Essential Hot-Pot Ingredients for hot pot bottom material, Dipping, Broths

The choice of hot pot bottom material is very important, which determines whether the taste of the hot pot is delicious. If you have Chinese friends who know how to configure hot pot bottom material, you can choose to make your own hot pot bottom material, and then cook with delicious bone soup is very good.

hot pot bottom material
how to make Chinese hot pot at home hot pot bottom material

If not, then choosing to buy on Amazon is the most sensible option. Every winter, I invite friends to join the family to carry out the hot pot feast. The hot pot ingredients used are also purchased in supermarkets or online. I prefer Sichuan hot pot bottom material, which can also be bought on Amazon.

Greens Vegetables,Various meats, seafood and Noodles

The list of foods that can be cooked in a hot pot is a long one. keep variety is important since you want to have a little bit of everything. Beef and seafood are two of the most popular foods to cook in a hot pot, but you’ll need to balance those more filling items with light ones, like greens and other vegetables.

For example, for an 8 person hot pot, I like to have at least 4 types of greens; three to four non-meat items, like tofu, mushrooms, lotus root slices, and daikon; two to four meat items, such as liver, beef, chicken, tripe, duck intestines, and goose intestines; two to four different kinds of seafood, such as fish balls, salmon, and shrimp; and some kind of noodle, such as rice noodles, udon noodles, or yam noodles.

 Greens Vegetables for Hot Pot at Home
how to make Chinese hot pot at home Greens Vegetables for Hot Pot at Home

How to make Chinese hot pot at home – Meat and Seafood

then hot pot feast starting first starts eating meat, at the same time, the best way is to take seafood put it into the pot, and cooked for a certain period of time. until it is fully cooked because the seafood is cooked for a long time. When the hot pot will ending, You can start to enjoy the vegetables, green vegetables only need dip in the pot for dozens of seconds.

Just about any meat is hot-pot-appropriate meat. such as beef, pork, and lamb. meat usually best prepped as paper-thin slices. Dip them a few times in the hot-pot broth, and in a few seconds, they’re done. you can easy to buying it with packages of thin presliced meats in the freezer section of most Asian supermarkets. Just remember to thaw the meat before it’s time to sit down to eat.

Hot Pot Meats
how to make Chinese hot pot at home Hot Pot Meats

Let’s see which meats and seafood are popular in the hot pot at home.

How to make Chinese hot pot at home – Meats

  • Beef, Thinly sliced fatty beef is one of the must-haves for a hot-pot feast; it’s usually labeled as fatty beef, beef for hot pot, or even pastrami beef in the frozen section of Asian supermarkets. Unlike Western-style meatballs, Asian-style tendon meatballs have a bouncy bite to them. You can usually find them frozen or refrigerated right next to the fish balls at Asian markets. Once they start to float in the hot pot, which usually takes about four to five minutes, they’re done.
  • Lamb, Lamb slices are also one of the must-have items for eating hot pot in winter, because the Chinese believe that eating lamb in winter can keep the body warm. It’s usually always served as paper-thin slices. Just like fatty beef, it takes seconds to cook and can be found in the frozen section of Asian markets.
  • Chicken, In Chengdu, no matter where you go to eat hot pot, the hot pot restaurant prepares chicken for you. It usually provides chicken thighs, chicken feet and chicken wings. We can buy it at the local Asian supermarket.
  • Offal: cow’s aortic blood vessel or pig’s aortic blood vessel used in Chinese hot pot named huáng hóu(黄喉,黃喉), also a very delicious dish, Tripe, pork intestine, tongue, kidney, and liver are all delicious in the hot pot. If you spot thinly sliced beef tongue at the supermarket, get it! It takes only about a minute to cook and is both tender and delicious. Kidney and liver should be thinly sliced, about one-eighth to one-quarter inch thick. I have forgotten a cow’s rumen is named máo dù (毛肚), It is also a very welcome dish in Sichuan Chengdu hot pot. The middle of the leftmost side in the picture above is the máo dù (毛肚) .

How to make Chinese hot pot at home – Seafoods

Hot pot is a lack seafood, it doesn’t any interesting, so when you eat hot pot in Chengdu, people usually order some seafood. The hot pot feast at home also needs seafood.

Hot Pot  Seafoods
how to make Chinese hot pot at home Hot Pot Seafood
  • Shellfish, such as shrimp, scallops, lobster, crab, oysters, clams, mussels, abalone. Shrimp may be one of the most popular seafood ingredients in hot pot, usually cooked with shell and head, but you can also use headless shrimp and shelled shrimp. Lobsters and crabs are a good addition; the only tricky part is to cut them into chunks while alive, which of course makes some people feel uneasy. Oysters should be shelled and only take a minute or two to cook. For cockroaches, make sure they are scrubbed with any grit and sand; small cockroaches, such as small buttocks, are best for hot pot. For mussels, remove their beards and make sure they are cleaned before cooking. Abalone should be sliced ​​and cooked in just a few seconds.
  • Fresh Squid and cuttlefish, make a great addition to a hot pot. With fresh squid and cuttlefish, make sure you clean the body and the tentacle parts well. Slice the body into roughly two-inch strips, making crosshatch cuts on the surface.
  • Fish balls and fish cakes, which you can find at any well-stocked Asian supermarket. One of the most popular fish balls for hot pot is round Chinese ones, which are usually white or golden brown. Homemade fish balls are even better than store-bought ones, but they’re also a lot more work. To make them, you have to scrape all the meat off the fish, mince it with a cleaver, and then pound it by hand. The pounding and slamming of the fish paste is the most important part, producing a bouncy and springy texture.

How to make Chinese hot pot at home – Noodles

Hot Pot Powder(火锅粉,火鍋粉,huǒ guō fěn) Or Noodles

Hot Pot Powder
how to make Chinese hot pot at home Hot Pot Powder

The main raw material of hot pot powder is made from rice powder or sweet potato powder, which is also very popular in the hot pot. fresh noodles generally take under a minute to cook. Dried rice noodles, such as vermicelli, on the other hand, are best boiled in water first, then rinsed with cold water, drained, and served in a bowl alongside the other hot-pot ingredients. To serve, I just set a few strands of noodles in my strainer, quickly dunk it in the broth to warm the noodles up a bit, and enjoy. Another option is yam noodles such as noodles which take seconds to cook and require only a quick dip in the broth.

Hot Pot Powder
Hot Pot Powder

Dipping Sauces(蘸酱, 蘸醬, zhàn jiàng)

There are two types of dipping sauces in Sichuan hot pot. One is dry, called dry dipping sauces (干碟, 幹碟, gàn dié ), and the second is called oil dipping sauces (油碟,yóu dié). If you don’t know what the oil dipping sauces look like in a Chinese hot pot.

There are two types of dipping sauces in Sichuan hot pot. One is dry, called dry dipping sauces, and the second is wet. It is called oil dipping sauces. If you don’t know what the oil dipping sauces look like in a Chinese hot pot, see the picture below and you will know.

the top is the oil dipping sauces dish, below is the dry dipping sauces dish.

how to make Chinese hot pot at home – Dipping Sauces

 Chinese Hot Pot Dipping Sauces
Chinese Hot Pot Dipping Sauces

How to configure Chinese Hot Pot Dipping Sauces?

Ingredients for dipping sauces

Garlic pureeGinger
Chopped Green OnionPeppercorn Oil
Hot Pot OilSoy Sauce
Millet pepperOyster Sauce
VinegarGround Peanut
chinese hot pot dipping sauces
Chinese hot pot dipping sauces

Below I have provided the formula for 3 kinds of Sichuan Chengdu hot pot Dipping Sauces. These formulas are not fixed and can be adjusted according to your own taste.

  1. Garlic Puree + Parsley + Hot Pot Oil + Chopped Green Onion
  2. Garlic Puree + Parsley + Hot Pot Oil + Chopped Green Onion + Oyster Sauce
  3. Garlic Puree + Parsley + Hot Pot Oil + Chopped Green Onion + Oyster Sauce + Millet pepper + Peppercorn Oil + Soy Sauce + Vinegar + Ground Peanut

Proper Hot-Pot Etiquette

At home, a hot pot feast is held. People at a table eat hot pot together. It is good to be familiar with the basic hot pot etiquette. These etiquettes do not have to be strictly observed. In fact, it is important to have a happy hot pot feast.

how to make Chinese hot pot at home – Etiquette 1

People who often eat hot pot who still don’t know. Eating a hairy belly is “seven up and down.” Ready-to-eat foods like luncheon and lettuce. It’s OK to cook them in a boiling pot and float them up. After all, you can eat raw.

And food like cow’s rumen and duck intestines, The taste is important to them, If the hot time is too long, the meat will become old. The taste of the food itself will be affected. So it is best to control the time around 10-20s.

how to make Chinese hot pot at home – Etiquette 2

Beef rolls, quail eggs, parsley. Amaranth time for this type of food, It is best to control at 1min, The taste of beef is not too old.

Lotus root, Hot Pot Powder, and squid all take 2 minutes. Hot Pot Powder tastes better after cooking. Vegetarian food like tofu, cabbage, cauliflower, It takes at least 3 minutes to get through.

It’s comfortable to eat hot pot on the cross-legged, no harm. It is not right to take off your shoes. Playing mobile phones is disrespectful for food. You will miss your favorite dishes when you play on your mobile phone. If you accidentally drop your phone into the pot, This is awkward.

Last, How To Make Chinese Hot Pot at Home

About How To Make Chinese Hot Pot at Home The best guide for 2019 is for friends to share here. If you still have something you don’t understand, please leave a message below to me, I will reply to your question in time, Thank you.

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