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brine chicken legs
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Brine Chicken Legs

Today, the brine chicken legs I made are big, delicious, and my family likes it. My American friend also ate two. So delicious they were. Compared with the brine chicken legs sold outside which are always dry and not delicious, this chicken leg I made is more moist and delicious!
Prep Time1 d
Active Time30 mins
Total Time30 mins
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Chinese
Keyword: Brine Chicken Legs, Old Brine, Seasoning Packets Mixed Spices Bags
Yield: 3
Cost: $8


  • Carbon Steel Wok
  • Stainless Steel Basin
  • Multi-Purpose Kitchen Scissors


Main Materials

Other Materials


  • Soak frozen chicken legs in water for about two hours to thaw completely, then remove the remaining chicken feathers and the yellow skin at the roots of the feet, clean them carefully , and pierce the chicken legs with scissors for easy taste.
    brine chicken legs steps 1
  • Then sprinkle some green peppercorn and salt on the chicken legs, grab a few times with your hands, and marinate for a day.
    brine chicken legs steps 2
  • On the second day, wash the shiitake mushrooms after soaking them for 2 hours; prepare these spices: 15g organic ginger, 1 star anise, 1 pinch of green peppercorn, 1 piece of orange peel, half an onion, and suitable old brine.
    brine chicken legs steps 3
  • Wash the marinated chicken legs and drain water. This is an important process to remove odors effectively.
    brine chicken legs steps 4
  • Heat the pot and pour a little oil to moisten the pot. Put the chicken legs into the pot. Put the side with more skin underneath and fry over medium heat.
    brine chicken legs steps 5
  • Turn them over after frying the chicken leg skin into yellow, then put shiitake mushrooms, onions, ginger, star anise, green peppercorns, dried tangerine peel into the pot, and continue to fry over medium heat until the spices emit fragrance.
    brine chicken legs steps 6
  • Add the mushroom-soaked water, old brine, 2 teaspoons of old soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce, and half teaspoon of sugar.
    brine chicken legs steps 7
  • Cover the pot, boil over high heat, then reduce to low heat, keep the water bubbling slightly for 15-20 minutes, and keep turning over during the period.
    brine chicken legs steps 8
  • When the chicken legs are fully cooked, you can serve them on the plate to make up the delicious stewed chicken leg.
    brine chicken legs steps 9


1. The old brine is your usual marinade or the remaining marinade of braised meat and vegetables. Boil the marinade when use and add some extra salt to make the marinade slightly salty. Put it in a bottle and put the bottle in the refrigerator.
You can buy Seasoning Packets Mixed Spices Bags online, Chinese Pinyin: Lu Liao Bao (卤料包, 鹵料包), and make old brine.
2. These spices are enough, don’t put too much. Too much spices will cover the natural fragrance of the ingredients.
3. Eggs and dried tofu can also be placed in the brine pot.